This is a short introduction to the WORLD BUILDING OF THE GAME.....

Quest Creation Kit

A comprehensive step-by-step guide in creating compelling and exciting quests. By using methods of story structure you create adventures with the characters as protagonists, motivating them to greatness.


Steps: Category, Idea, Timeline, NPC, Theme, Symbol, Setting, Clues, Items, Plot devices, Arcs.


A simpler, more direct quest aimed to work in parallell with others to flesh out the story and world.


Steps: Objective, Origin, Challenge, Completion, Advancement, Reward.


Errand Creation Kit


You can tailor Encounters using simple guides for creature creation. Decide on what you want to create, add sub-types, calculate attributes and add special features. Difficulty level is used to calibrate your composition of creatures and npcs in the encounter.

Practical problems for the players to solve. These are as important as encounters to a good quest, because they encourage cooperation and creative solutions.


Create: Exploration, Riddles, Traps, Locks, Obstructions, Mystery.



Other Tools

Most important of the other world-building tools are culture and religion, which are in the form of a questionnaire. Locations and NPCs are created by fleshing out archetypes and adding flavor from cultures or climates.


Create: Climates, Cultures, Religions, Dimensions, Magic Items, Deep Magic, Spells, Rituals.