Why Pledge?

Because role-playing games are fun. Also because of the following six reasons:


(If the first goal is funded you can start your own game of Tale!)


Quick, simple and efficient.

Get going within 30 minutes: New and old players. The rules are designed to take as little time as possible away from actual gameplay.


Interesting character’s to play.

Let yourself be guided by the motives and desires of uncommon fantasy character types. Fighter? No. Wizard? No.


High-quality questing.

Without the need to know years of lore; delve into mysteries, crawlers and journeys that work to create memorable stories for you and your friends.



Tale is hard, there is no guarantee that you survive the night.



The game lets players and gamemaster cooperate to create details in the world as they go: quests are created with NPC archetypes without names or gender so that you can put your mark on it.



Tale pushes you to enjoy the small pleasures of adventures with simple rules for survival, travel and combat.

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