Each reward level is named after an invaluable adventuring supply in the game. What each reward entails is described on our Kickstarter page.


Adveturer's Ration


Flint and Steel






45 foot Rope


Room and Board

(for retailers)




11 foot Pole

Have a look at the individual rewards:

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The Core Rulebook

Everyone gets a copy of the E-book, simple as that. 

Many will also get a paperback version.

Some might even get signed copies.




Diploma sets

The starting set of twelve diplomas from the Academy of Merelin.

Some levels get additional mystery diplomas and some will even get neatly printed diplomas along with their reward. 


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Sample Quests

Most will recieve a collection of quests, the amount of quests varies with each reward. A small sample pf the quests:

"Selling the bear"

An elder druid is killed while in animal form. The players are sent out to retrieve the hide from a merchant. 

"The Vulture King"

A wrong turn sends the players into a involuntary gladiator tournament to appease the " Vulture King" 

Warning: Contains talking animals. 

"Arbaklok's Revenge" 

Royal Trapmaker Arbaklok Grblgok has left behind a detailed plan on how to take his homeland back from an army of monsters. 


Who wouldn't want to dazzle the social landscape with this beauty?


Artwork by the wonderful Benjamin Bauchau, take a look at his other work on Instagram. 

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Picture coming

Dice sets

A set of dice in their own custom Tale bag.


Some will get credit in the finished book, their name and supplied gear to the cause.

45-foot rope and 11-foot poles come attached with a custom example of play including your name.

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