This is a short introduction to the different mechanics involved in the game. In Tale the focus is on immersive gameplay and the mechanics assume their rightful place in the background of it all. The mechanics are inspired by the Haiku system from tremulus, most similar is the action mechanic.


Basic actions all characters can take. Outcome is decided by a roll of two six-sided dice, adding a modifier based on the character’s attributes. All actions succeed on a result of 10+, with a partial success on 7-9.


Actions: Attack, Move, Larceny, Knowledge, Investigation, Logic, Perception, Converse and Subterfuge


Simple test of a character’s strength, concentration and resilience. Qualities have many uses: item creation, spell casting, resisting diseases and more. Outcome is determined by a roll of one six-sided dice. Difficulties vary greatly, and some require multiple accumulative attempts.


Qualities: Brawn, Focus, Centre




Aquired knowledge from the character’s education. These are unique to your diploma. Each diploma has four different skill trees to level up. In addition you pick a major that defines how your character accumulates resources for their skills.

Weapons, armor, survival goods, exotic wares, everything your characters needs to explore the World of Tale. Gear is closely tied into the rest of mechanics, especially how your gear affects your survival rating.




Combat, efficient and dynamic. Ruleset includes damage, injuries, health, healing, manoeuvres and more. The system aims to minimize time spent arguing the rules and maximize time spent doing the fun stuff.


Magic has a lot of faces in Tale. Magic leaves traces, most notably auras, which are a large part of the magic mechanic. All character can learn and cast all the spells and rituals as long as they are exposed to the specific effects.




Simple and unencumbering rules for survival and travel. You are rated for your comfort, encumbrance, mood, which affects your state at the end of a journey. Also includes simple rules for your essentials (food, water, clothing and a place to sleep) and putting up a campsite for your party.