What is it?


You and your friends create an epic story together in a wide-open world.


These tales of adventure take place in their own unique settings – in the vast expanse of the Oden Desert, in the deep, dark forests of Akalek or in the unexplored and untamed wilderness of Beskar.


Fight for your life, explore ancient civilizations, solve mysteries and a whole lot more.


Choose one participant to be the gamemaster (GM). The GM plays any non-player characters (NPC) and is the players’ eyes and ears throughout the game.


The players are introduced to a grand scheme in the role of a heroic adventurer. Player characters (PC) have free will and can act as they wish: the story writes itself through their actions and how they affect the world.


This is a short introduction to the different mechanics involved in the game. 

World building

A comprehensive step-by-step guide in creating compelling and exciting quests.


Here is a short presentation of the twelve first diplomas available for Tale.

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