The quick answer

It is a role-playing game.

The long answer

Tale is an easy-to-learn fantasy role-playing game that focuses on compelling storytelling and epic quests. It bears the fruits of almost two decades of quest creation and a fondness of story structure.

Want to know more?

Get acquainted with the game, its mechanics, the world-building or the characters.


To be able to publish content for Tale, we are launching a kickstarter.


We have a lot of great products in store including the Core Rulebook. If you are considering pledging, take a look at what rewards we have in store for you.

Check out our goals for a full overview of our planned Products.


Launching in 



To welcome you into the World of Tale, we will share a few stories with you in the coming weeks:


In the Deep

Available now!


A Tale in Three Parts, Part 1

Available March 10th, 2019


More will be unveiled if goals 5 and 8 are reached.


As promised in the closing chapter of the book (how would you know that now?), this site will have samples and templates freely available:


Quests, Errands, Climates, Cultures, Religions, Creatures, Encounters, Obstacles, Dimensions, Magic Items, Deep Magic, Spells, Rituals.


The samples will be available if the first goal is reached.


A quest and errand will be available December 17th, 2018 as a taster.

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