Here is a short presentation of the twelve first diplomas available for Tale. More will be added as the game is further developed. Each diploma has three unique skill trees. The diplomas are from four colleges at the Academy of Merelin:


  • College of Arcana

  • College of Engineering

  • College of Medicine

  • College of Anthropology

See the full Diploma Set in the link to the right.



You are a walking library with a fun fact or tip for any situation. Less focus on spellcasting, more on understanding the arcane arts.



Use your connection to the Astra – the voices of the stars and the connection to the voices of the deep. Scrying, detecting auras and developing your insight are essential skills.


Use a form of blood magic developed by the Academy. Sacrifice your physical well-being to gain magical advantages and effects.



Study the mechanics of nature and how to use your surroundings to solve any problem. Combine practical knowledge, intuition and physics as your skill set.



Experienced as explorers and investigators in the service of mining companies, historians and archaeologists. Your skill set is indispensable for an adventuring party.



You are educated to promote good metalwork and to inspire artisanship. Your education is focused on the practical use of magical runes and mystical metals.



Alchemists are highly regarded both inside and outside the Academy. Your command of elixirs, elements and precious metals is seen as miraculous, helping and inspiring.



They are the most feared Alumni of the College because they practice their art on dead bodies. The art of surgery breaks the norm of many religious conventions in several of the large cultures.



There is one in every village, responsible for healing and curing. At the Academy the herbalists are trained in stress management, due to their foreseeable career paths in healing.



You are adventure-driven and curious. Your field is the understanding and documentation of different cultures.


You are the master of languages, both dead and new. You excel at understanding, speaking, reading and writing different languages.



You study the ritualistic arts of dance and ceremony. Dancers are experts in different styles of martial arts and combat techniques.