About the Author


Jon Doe

Hans Olav Skau Ekornrød

I’m an engineer, roleplayer, larper and aspiring writer from Skien, Norway. My day job is as a project engineer in the maritime industry.

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Tale is my first official project as a writer, after years of writing roleplaying and larp content, with some scriptwriting on the side. My passion for writing is backed up by healthy obsessions with movies, tv, games, GM'ing and Taylor Swift’s music.


I created Tale as a system and home for all the stories I had already created. The main focus was to find a way to create compelling quests to satisfy my apetite for story structure.


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About the Team


Ben Bauchau

Ben is a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Brussels. He has done all the artwork including logos for Tale.


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Game Forlag

Game Forlag is a publisher for books with social content, like quiz books, hobby books and role-playing games. Game was established in October 2018.

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