The quick answer

It is a role-playing game.

The long answer

Tale is an easy-to-learn fantasy role-playing game that focuses on compelling storytelling and epic quests. It bears the fruits of almost two decades of quest creation and a fondness of story structure.

Want to know more?

Get acquainted with the game, and read more about our Unique Selling Points.

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Release date: 8 June 2019

The Tale Core Rulebook, diploma sets, quest packs and various add-ons and upgrades will be made available through selected book stores and RPG venues after release.

In addition, all materials can be purchased at DriveThruRPG.com internationally, and via our publisher Game Forlag in Norway.

If you are a company/organisation, or want to buy in bulk, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


To welcome you into the World of Tale, we will share a few stories with you as the game is developed:


In the Deep

Available now!


A Tale in Three Parts, Part 1

Available 8 August 2019


More will be unveiled in due course.



As promised in the closing chapter of the book (how would you know that now?), this site will have samples and templates freely available:


Quests, Errands, Climates, Cultures, Religions, Creatures, Encounters, Obstacles, Dimensions, Magic Items, Deep Magic, Spells, Rituals.